Why Gemstone Energy Medicine is Essential For Complete Healing

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Healing is the process of overcoming an illness, disorder, or injury. When you are completely healed, you have regained your health permanently. The illness will not return; the disorder is gone, and the injury has not left the area weakened and predisposed to further affliction.

To achieve complete healing you must address the energies associated with the condition. Every disease, disorder, or injury is not limited to the body, but involves essentially four types of energies. The first two are the negative emotions and thoughts related to the condition; third, disharmonious effluent that the diseased, pained, or injured tissue naturally throws off; and fourth, the energetic counterpart of the physical tissue must also be healed. In order to enjoy a complete healing, these four aspects must be addressed or physical healing will be delayed or incomplete. This can be done at the same time that you are working on the physical ailment.

Gemstone energy medicine is essential for complete healing because gemstone energies Aquamarin can harmonize and heal emotions and thoughts, dissipate disharmonious effluent, and deal directly with energetic counterparts. No other healing modality can do this as efficiently and effectively as gemstone therapy. Plus, gemstone energy medicine can be applied safely along with other healing modalities, medicines, and herbs that focus on healing the physical tissue.

First, let’s talk about dissolving the emotional and mental ties to an illness. This is no small task, as physical illness is usually associated with a great deal of negative emotions and thoughts. These emotions and thoughts are a type of energy that can add to the burden of a disease. A prolonged illness or sudden injury can cause sadness and depression, frustration when dealing with insurance companies, and fear and anxiety about finances and inevitable lifestyle changes. After the diagnosis of a serious disease, patients are usually faced with a range of emotions and thoughts. The more anger, distress, guilt, depression, sadness, and denial they feel about their condition, the more unwanted emotional energy they have to resolve in order to heal. Thoughts are tied to emotions and tend to solidify the reality perceived. The more an individual worries, frets, and imagines the worst, the harder it will be to for him to find greater health.

Negative emotions and thoughts about an illness or injury first hover around the individual, and then begin to seep into the physical tissue. Once they anchor there, they can cause changes in that tissue. Which tissue is affected usually depends on a person’s inherent weaknesses, including genetic factors. Embedded stress most commonly manifests as a hardening of tissue, such as muscles and arteries. It isn’t just the fact that a person sits all day at a desk that causes knotted muscles. Although a sedentary lifestyle contributes to this condition, constant emotional and mental stress compounds the problem and makes it harder for the individual to relax despite regular exercise or even massage therapy.

Healing the emotions and thoughts associated with a condition can take much longer than the repair of physical tissue or the amelioration of a disease, especially if these aspects are not acknowledged. Gemstone energy medicine acknowledges them. As the energies of therapeutic gemstones worn around the neck radiate into the aura, they naturally balance, clarify, and uplift emotional and mental energies. It becomes easier for a person to recognize their own negativity. Furthermore, gemstone energy can give them the strength to let go their negative emotions and thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

Besides emotional and mental energies, a complete healing requires the clearing of disharmonious energies that may have accumulated in and around the affected cells and organs. I call this disharmonious effluent. Any painful, traumatized, or diseased tissue will naturally emit energy that reflects its state of health. The body is designed to do this. Disharmonious effluent is like a signal flare that alerts the body to the condition. If the signal is met with support from, say, the immune system, the need for the effluent is reduced and so it lessens as the immune system helps heal the condition.

If the body’s resources are thin, because they are weakened or too many other issues are drawing upon them, then the signal flare may be partially or completely ignored. The disharmonious effluent grows louder, accumulates, and causes problems of its own. It can inhibit the flow of the body’s natural healing energies and by crowding and pressing on an already distressed area, it can exacerbate pain. Lift and dissipate this unwanted accumulation and healing energy comes rushing in.


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