What is it Going to Cost Me to Ship to Toronto?

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Toronto is bigger than most American cities save three, and this means that many people that do business in the United States can find important customers and clients in the Toronto area. It is a major international business hub, and finding a large customer or client in that city can represent a significant profit. Just because you do business out of the Atlanta area doesn’t mean that you can’t find some great Toronto clients, you just need an Atlanta delivery service which has routes which extend to Toronto.

The good news is that if a courier ships internationally at all, the one place they are almost likely to ship to for sure is Toronto, due to its ease of access from the United States. The downside is that there are always going to be some extra fees and costs associated with shipping internationally, even if you’re only shipping to Canada. Your courier can brief you on these in more detail, but here are the basics.

Whenever you’re shipping to another country, you’re going to have to pay the taxes on your goods that are courier companies in toronto coming into the country. When you’re talking about shipping to Canada, it means that you’re always going to have to pay a 5% general sales tax. However, in Ontario, the province of Toronto, you’re also going to have to pay an additional 5% provincial sales tax on most items.

The other expense that is going to be incurred by every shipment that is sent to Canada is a fee for your customs broker. This is a necessity, but there is a way to save money on it. People who ship internationally a lot know that the secret is to send larger orders in lower quantities, rather than smaller orders more often. That is because you have to pay a brokers fee for every separate shipment, something that can add up quickly.

If you’re wondering if there are going to be any fees or duties associated with your shipment, the best thing to do is discuss in detail exactly what you are going to be shipping to Toronto with your courier company. It is true that there can be certain types of shipments that might have to be charged extra permit fees and the like, but a shipping consultant is your best way of getting an accurate assessment of those types of fees. Find a courier that specializes in shipping to Canada for the best results.


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