Traditional Wall Graphics Soften a Contemporary Living Room

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Traditional graphics can often play a starring role in a room’s overall design. Although you might not immediately think of traditional wall graphics in combination with a contemporary living room, the two can actually complement each other nicely. By using one or more traditional graphic patterns, you can add a touch of softness to a contemporary room. If you’d like to combine the best of contemporary styling with a touch of tradition, here are some decorating tips to help get you started.

Choosing a Traditional Wall Graphic

Choosing a wall graphic that will add your own personal touch of style to the room can be the key to combining contemporary and traditional looks. Before deciding on a graphic, take a look around your living room for design inspiration. Even the smallest detail could be the key to creating a stunning combination. For example, a vase of lilies in a sleek modern vase could inspire you to add a fleur-de-lis graphic to the wall graphics. Stripes are another traditional graphic design that can be combined quite effectively with a contemporary decorating style. Stripes can provide the perfect backdrop to the sleek shapes and angles of modern styled furniture, while also adding a traditional touch. Although you might not think of floral patterns as the perfect choice for a contemporary living room, they can actually be used quite effectively. Focus on those which feature simple shapes and clean colors instead of those which are simply too “fussy.” The end result will be a great combination of simple patterns and sleek modern styling.

Use Wall Graphics in Fresh New Ways

Part of the trick of combining traditional wall graphics and contemporary styling is finding interesting ways to play them off one another. For example, although using floral patterned wallpaper on the living room wall might look too traditional, using single floral shapes as wall accents can look just right. Instead of using fleur-de-lis patterned wallpaper on the walls, try stenciling a single large pattern on one wall. Paint a few stripes on one section of the wall instead of using stripes on every wall to add an unexpected splash of design. It’s usually more effective to use traditional wall graphics in small doses to avoid overpowering the contemporary look of the room. You should be striving for just one or two traditional touches, instead of using them everywhere. By using them in this fashion, you’ll retain the sharp cutting edge of modern styling while adding just a touch of softness.


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