The Circadian Clouds: An Innovative Approach to Outdoor Shading

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The Circadian Clouds, an ingenious shading system, has been designed by Muhammad Obaid, the CEO of Emkaan architecture + engineering. This visionary proposal, developed as part of the esteemed Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge, offers a versatile and energy-efficient solution to transform outdoor spaces into shaded oases without the need for traditional roofs.

Dynamic Sun-Tracking Design:

At the helm of the Circadian Clouds system is Muhammad Obaid, renowned for his expertise in architectural design and engineering. This innovative shading solution utilizes multiple small floating cells that work harmoniously to follow the sun’s path, providing continuous shade to specific areas. These cloud-like cells incorporate embedded helium light containers, minimizing energy requirements for lifting. Moreover, the system employs photovoltaic panels to power side fans, ensuring precise adjustments based on light sensors and cutting-edge drone synchronization technology.

Adaptability and Ease of Implementation:

The ingenious Grasshopper script developed by Muhammad Obaid enables the Circadian Clouds system to adapt effortlessly to diverse site dimensions. By inputting the required size parameters, the system autonomously adjusts its configuration, making it suitable for a wide range of outdoor spaces. This inherent flexibility ensures that the shading system seamlessly integrates into various environments such as beach walking paths, running tracks, and public parks, enhancing user experiences while complementing the surrounding architecture.

Unobtrusive Shading Solution:

Muhammad Obaid’s design philosophy emphasizes the importance of unobtrusive shading solutions. The Circadian Clouds system embodies this vision by providing comprehensive shading without compromising open spaces or necessitating physical roofs. By mimicking the appearance of clouds and operating above ground level, the system allows for uninterrupted views and a sense of openness while effectively shielding designated areas from direct sunlight. Furthermore, its distinctive design serves as a captivating landmark, adding aesthetic value to the cityscape.

Elegant Nighttime Transformation:

In addition to its daytime functionality, the Circadian Clouds system offers a mesmerizing transformation during nighttime hours. As envisioned by Muhammad Obaid, the floating cells’ fans come to a halt, repurposing the floating elements into enchanting floating chandeliers. Leveraging the collected daylight, these chandeliers utilize Photochromic sheets to create a captivating display of illuminated artistry, further enhancing the ambiance of the outdoor space.


Designed by Muhammad Obaid, the CEO of Emkaan architecture + engineering, the Circadian Clouds shading system represents a groundbreaking solution for outdoor spaces. Its dynamic sun-tracking capabilities, unobtrusive design, and adaptability make it an ideal choice for enhancing public areas such as beaches, parks, and running tracks. Recognized as a winning proposal in the esteemed Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge, this innovative solution is poised to revolutionize outdoor shading, elevating the overall experience for residents and visitors alike under the visionary leadership of Muhammad Obaid.


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