How to Make A Relationship Last Forever and Enjoy Intimate Life (Phenomenal Tips)

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If you want to know that how to make a relationship last forever and enjoy intimate life then you have to focus on little details. Details are very important because a small change in details can turn your woman into a sexual lady. Most women complain that their men only focus on giving them flowers or gifts instead of doing actual fun. Indeed, women are right because a man only notices the waves instead of exploring the deep secrets of the oceans. It is extremely important to understand the power of details in order to enjoy intimate life.

A woman is like an ocean and she is filled with deep secrets. You only attract the waves of an ocean with the power of your body language and humor. If you want to dominate the whole ocean then you have to change your games and focus on little details. There are literally millions of details to consider if you want to embrace the joys of intimate life. According to experts, every little detail matters for making a relationship last forever. For example, bed sheets, dresses, shoes, curtains, lights, passions, fire, food, communication, future planning, family, dance, meditation, fitness, seduction, sexuality, romance and wild love making etc.

Here I am giving you few phenomenal tips so that you can make your relationship last forever.


Boring routines of your life always projects you as an unauthentic person. You must be wondering that why I am talking about you rather than focusing on your relationship. Well, actual attractions in your relationship Understanding Banter will be created automatically if you turn yourself into a mysterious authoritative man. A mysterious authoritative man is a complete masculine man who exists in every fantasy of women. He is a man with goals, plans, excitement and fun. He is extremely irresistible for women because he is very passionate about his life. He loves his work and dominate it completely with passion.

Have you ever noticed the traits of Michael (prison break), Iron Man and Vampires? Why do women drool over them? Actually, these characters hold passion and excitement in their lives. They set goals and passionately achieve them. Women find mysteries in these characters. These characters are very authentic and also exist in the sexual fantasies of women. Now, I am not here to tell you about the body language or stories of these characters. I am here to tell you about those details which make these characters phenomenal in the eyes of women.

Use the power of cash in your daily routine. Cash in your hand is extremely attractive than a credit card. Hard cash not only makes people curious about your personality but also projects you as a mysterious man. Business owners, authoritative people and gamblers do the deals in hard cash. That’s why; they are always extremely attractive for women. Now, I am not saying that you should not hold a credit card in your wallet but if you want to feel the energy of hard cash then use it often in your daily life. And most importantly, hard cash make your woman curious about you and projects you as a valuable man.

You can easily make your relationship last forever by turning your woman into an exclusive lady. Never let your jealous emotions rule on you. I have seen many guys who feel uncomfortable in letting their woman shine in front of the world. This is the biggest mistake which a man does in his entire life and kills the sexual intimacy by his own hands. A man with authority always lets his woman proud of her sexuality. He turns his woman into a sexual playful girl and enjoys his intimate life. So, when you transform your woman into a sexual mistress or a playful lady, she always worships you like a “Sexual God”. There are many ways for making her playful. For example, make her wear bright colors dresses, gangster’s hats, belly chains, anklet and beautiful earrings. These things not only turn a woman into a playful girl but also make her feel naughty and feminine.


For making yourself a “SEXUAL GOD”, you need to provide her groans of sexual pleasure with your wild masculinity. A woman/wife desires crude and wild sex in her life. In her fantasies, she loves to be ravished by a wild masculine man. So, in order to ravish her like a wild masculine man, you need to dominate few things. You can not give her wet orgasms just with your aggressive sexuality. You have to turn yourself into a wild bull for making her roar like a sexual lioness.


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