Grab Great Savings Choosing Vacation Rentals Versus Timeshares

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Are you one of those people who just love to travel? Where have you gone, Hawaii, Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean or Mexico? Maybe you are one of those dreamers, saving for some while for that vacation of a lifetime? If you are like most people, the mere mention of faraway places gets your attention and your juices running. Plus, once you start romancing about possible travel to a coveted location, you are definitely hooked. But it still is difficult to spread that vacation money out when a good deal of your investment goes toward housing. This is especially true in light of recent economic conditions and always rising prices.

Why Buy When You Can Condo?
However, part of the impact the recent downward economic trend has been a proliferation of many properties, timeshares in particular, going on the market for sale. There may seem to be tempting offers in many exotic locales that might have a vacation-home seeking person watering at the mouth. But there are just as many people owning properties in sought after locations that are keeping ownership, yet are looking to capitalize on their asset by offering it for reasonable rent luxury rentals todos santos. If you are looking to keep more vacation money in your pocket, or have more to spend on entertainment while on holiday, you should save that pricey investment buying a timeshare because:

Location – Purchasing a timeshare limits your annual vacation to one locale.
Timing – Purchasing a timeshare typically limits your vacation to a certain time of year.
Maintenance Fee – A timeshare carries with it a typical annual maintenance fee of $800.
Same, same – Your timeshare lodging, although being absolutely luxurious, will be the same year in and year out

Condo Rentals are Packed with Benefits
Vacation rentals versus timeshares provides you with tons of variety in both location, time on holiday as well as targeting your money toward making more memories rather than paying for lodging. In fact, when you take advantage of a condo rental membership, you open up vacation planning to a great number of additional benefits that buying into a timeshare could never present. Benefits such as discounts right from the start. Many condo rental choices come packaged with a variety of area benefits including dining and entertainment discounts. You might enjoy packages that include tickets to the theater or maybe scuba diving lessons.

Better Investment
Isn’t it always great to have extra cash in your pocket when on your next vacation? So, there is a better way to get the money you want to spend by taking that earmarked timeshare investment – and all those user and maintenance and put it in the bank. You can use the money to take advantage of all the variety of vacation rentals versus timeshares options available throughout the world once you sign up for a fabulous membership program. Take the same amount of yearly fees and add it to your vacation account and, with that initial investment you would have needed to buy a timeshare – say $10,000 – you would be capable to rent the most luxurious condo at the most sought-after locale anywhere in the world.


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