Dog Grooming Lessons From Tony Soprano!

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f so, you surely know (and probably admire) James Gandolfini… aka Tony Soprano. The New Jersey crime family leader. The Godfather. The Hit Man. The Genius Actor!

Truth is I’m a huge Soprano’s fan. And to me, Tony Soprano is alongside the likes of Pacino, DeNiro and Nicholson. Matter of fact, at the height of The Soprano’s, James Gandolfini commanded $1,000,000 an episode. Holy smokes Bat Man!

Guess that’s why I got so excited last night. Once I realized James Gandolfini was sitting next to me, at a Los Angeles comedy club called The Groundlings.

At first, my wife pointed him out. So, trying to be subtle, I looked over and couldn’t figure out if it really was Tony Soprano.

After all, he was dressed in a pair of blue jeans… a plain shirt… and had a long stubbly beard that was camouflaging his face.

This was definitely “uncharacteristic” of what I expected a Mafioso top-gun to look like!

To make matters even more difficult, Gandolfini was with a short, bald white guy. Who looked more like an accountant than a “wing man” for an A-list movie star.

Truth is I expected Tony Soprano to be decked out in a 3 piece tuxedo… and… have a buxom, blonde bombshell hanging on his arm like a flock of seagulls hovering around a white sandy beach.

So unsure what to do and not wanting to approach him, I focused on the opening act. And once the jokes started coming, Gandolfini began to laugh. And I knew it was him. There was no mistaking his voice.

Tony Soprano was sitting next to me.

And as the night when on… I started wondering if it was possible for Tony Soprano to provide a few “dog grooming” lessons for your dog? Check this out…

Lesson #1: Your Dog Needs Some Style. Tony Soprano was Veganism “the leader” of the New Jersey crime family, which meant Tony had to “set the tone” and roll in style.

Your dog needs some style too. So, what’s stopping you from finding a groomer you and your dog like and trust? And then taking your dog to get clean and donned out with a little style?

Lesson #2: Your Dog’s Mug Is Important. Tony Soprano had a “mug” you couldn’t forget. And you’d better believe Tony kept his face in mint condition… especially during 1999-2007… the years he filmed The Soprano’s. Because let’s face it, Gandolfini knew his face was a big part of his meal ticket.

Keep your dog’s face looking nice too. That means cleaning it… keeping the “eye boogers” trimmed out… and getting your dog a nice tidied up “face trim” from time to time.

Lesson #3: The Don Juan Doggie. Tony was a ladies’ man which required that he keep his hygiene flawless.

Even if your dog in not the “stud muffin” of dog park, it’s still sanitary and hygienic to get your dog bathed and fluff dried at least one time per month. Because remember, a clean dog is a healthy dog. And a healthy dog is a happy dog.

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