College Spring Break Cruising

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Spring Break. The annual ritual to blow off a school year’s stress and to party night after night. If you are a hardworking college student you may be looking forward to the fun and socializing that this study break provides. Locating a good spot on the overcrowded beach or squeezing your way into the hot bar of the night shoulder to shoulder with other students from around the states is not a bad way to spend Spring Break if you are still into the “Frat Party” events.

Other Spring Break opportunities are available that include sunning around a pool by the day or visiting more than one uncrowded beach over the course of a week and still have dancing and parties every evening. In addition to these features, very good to fine dining choices are available every day instead of going for value meal at fast food restaurants. If you’re interested in a change to the Spring Break routine, you may want to consider a Caribbean or Mexico Rivera cruise.

Selecting a Spring Break cruise destination is a fairly easy process. There are a large number of itineraries to the Caribbean and Mexico departing from Florida, Louisiana, New York, South Carolina, Texas, and southern California. Trip lengths range from 3-day cruises to 10-day cruises with stops at warm weather ports of call. With all these departure points the possibilities for an exciting new adventure are closer than you may have thought.

Certainly cruises are for family and romantic getaways but they also have plenty of opportunity for fun, dancing and partying. Most seasoned cruisers know not to book a romantic getaway during Spring Break on a mass market cruise line but there will be a large number of family cruisers also enjoying their break from elementary, middle and high schools. There is room for all. If you are interested in spending your Spring Break partying and enjoying life, there are a number of cruise lines that have cruise ships just for you.

When you begin searching for a Spring Break cruise, you Event Wedding Planning may want to start with Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. These are the big three operating from the U.S. ports which will offer a variety of itineraries and dates to choose from. The common cruise ship has plenty of bars, even at the pools, a dance club, a casino and the occasional deck party.There is always something to do. To get more bang for your buck, consider an inside cabin with three friends. The insides are the most economical and you really do not spend a lot of time in the cabin other than for a little sleep and to ready for the day.

There are a few things that you should be aware of before you book your cruise. First, read and become familiar with the cruise line policies. Some lines require that at least one person is 25 years of age or older in each cabin with unmarried individuals that are under the age of 21. The legal age to consume alcohol on board is 21 years of age. The cruise lines have the right to disembark any person who violates this policy or who purchases alcohol for someone who is under the legal drinking age. Cruise lines have been known to cutoff, for the rest of the cruise, individuals who have become overly intoxicated. These and other rules of the cruise lines are clearly stated in the cruise contract.

Spring Breakers can have an incredibly fun cruise and still party responsibly and respectful to the other cruisers. You can travel with three or more friends and enjoy poolside fun, two or more uncrowded tropical beaches, very good dining options and see a couple of countries along the way. This unique vacation experience is not only a quality alternative to the craziness of Spring Break but is available all year-long. Enjoy your Spring Break cruising.


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